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Award Categories

Champion Awards

The Champion Awards celebrate retailers dedicated to championing the cause of social responsibility, innovation and training in industry. Click on the icons to view the criteria.

Category Awards

The Retail Awards Recognise the efforts of retail businesses of all sizes, online and offline in a time of challenge and change. Click on the icons to view the criteria.

Individual Awards

The Individual Awards category celebrates those dedicated individuals who go above and beyond their duties to motivate, inspire and grow their respective businesses. Click on the icons to view the criteria.

A word of adviceIf you're applying for the Young Retailer of the Year, you should watch this video.

The submission process can be daunting for the uninitiated. But we want to know about your ideas for the industry, and give you the tools to succeed! That's why one of our judging alums, Professor Gary Mortimer of Queensland University of Technology, has put together his tips for a stellar submission.

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